Throughout my time in the Michigan Legislature I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting so many of our Southwest Michigan senior citizens. I have spent much time getting to know the issues that matter most to these citizens and I have taken them to heart. In fact, each year, I celebrate 'Older Michiganian's Day' by welcoming our seniors to the Capitol to meet with legislators and other elected officials.

The most important issue facing older Michiganians today is the rising cost of health care. I have worked tirelessly to combat Medicaid fraud which is costing our state as much as $900 million annually. Putting an end to this kind of abuse will slow the skyrocketing cost of health care, help save taxpayers millions of dollars and keep state spending under control.

I have also gone after those who take advantage of senior citizens physically, emotionally, financially and through neglect by creating more stringent penalties for such crimes. Our state government must continue to do everything that it can to protect the rights and well-being of our state’s seniors.

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